Installations & commisioning

Installations & Commissioning

At the time when we entered the Rwanda market, LED Lights were unheard of and therefore acceptance let alone installation of the same was a challenge. We quickly realized this challenge and took it upon ourselves to educate the local electricians as well as take up turn-key projects inclusive of installation and commissioning.

Very soon this became one of our USP’s and today our dedicated team of installation technicians, led by the installation head and expert who has been with us since the beginning, have installed street lights, flood lights, canopy lights at petrol stations and many other complex and complicated installations at various places across Rwanda and other parts of East Africa, under difficult terrain conditions. We have invested into reliable and state of the art installation equipments such as mobile ladders, boom vehicles, scaffoldings and safety gear, to ensure ease of work while keeping the safety of our people and customers paramount. Our clients are happy we take care of their installation needs thereby reducing their burden, associated costs and more so efficient use of their resources.

12 Mtr. high scaffolding

9 Mtr. high mobile ladder

Delivery Truck with Boom


Sahasra Africa can provide training to the electrician on your site to install our LED lights correctly and safely. This training will be provided free of cost.

At the same time, we train the electricians and technicians at the client site to maintain the lights as and when needed, if the need so arises. In addition, we continue to provide training to other technicians willing to learn the installation of the LED Lights which need some guidance and assistance as the product still remains at its nascent stage in terms of acceptance and understanding at the common man level. We provide training free of cost so that it can be undertaken correctly and safely.