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We a 2-year instant replacement warranty on the entire range of products being offered on a real time basis Moreover, as we have our own manufacturing facility in Rwanda, we are able to increase or decrease the manufacturing output of any product based on the market situation and hence at all times carry large stocks of all product categories thereby offering large quantities at any time for projects being carried out across the country. This flexibility helps customers in their planning in terms of cash flow management as they have access to product availability at any time of the project execution.

Our robust product quality and highly experienced team of installation technicians gives us the confidence of offering the 2-year warranty thereby reducing replacement costs for consumers resulting in higher savings by avoiding down time and wasted man hours and time lost in servicing.

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Sahasra LED Lights are sold under warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the period mentioned. Sahasra does not warrant merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor for any express or implied warranty except as stated above. Sahasra shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising from the failure of its products.

The company reserves the right to repair or replace the product at its discretion, if found defective during the warranty period.

The terms for warranty claims are accepted only when:

1. Use of the product in conditions as specified.
2. The warranty claim is notified within 30 days of occurrence of defect.
3. The lights are correctly wired, installed, properly grounded, and used in accordance with applicable electrical standards and within specified power norms.

Warranty will not apply when a defect is caused by:

1. Misuse or use in violation of any applicable electrical standard.
2. Abnormalities in electrical supply such as power surge, over/under voltage, improper grounding or in corrosive environment.
3. Unauthorized opening of the product, or attempt to repair or remove parts.
4. Ignoring installation instructions.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Sahasra recognises the need to provide total customer satisfaction. We undertake the responsibility to assure the performance of our LED lights beyond the warranty periods. Sahasra offers customers Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for large projects beyond the specified warranty period.

The Annual Maintenance Contracts are subject to costs as agreed between the parties at the time of the supply contract has been concluded.