Test Laboratory

Testing, Programming and Special Processes

Being a high-tech electronics manufacturing and product development company, we constantly have to innovate so to provide the latest and most technological advanced yet aesthetically solutions to our customers. Launching new products and solutions helps us to sustain it, while ensuring product reliability and sustainability.

Therefore, our in-house team of experienced R & D Engineers in the field of electronics & PCB design, mechanical design, lenses and light output design work together in developing robust products through testing them under rigorous conditions to validate their life, features, intended output and characteristics before we bring them to the market. Product life cycle management software’s and reliability test equipment form part of the R & D Lab that has been set up at our headquarters in Noida, NCR, India.

R & D Lab equipment installed includes the following:

1. GW Instek - AC Source
2. Everfine - GO-2000 Goniophotometer (B-β PLUS C-γ)
3. Everfine -HAAS-3000 Spectrometer W/2meter Integration Sphere
4. Everfine - LT-300A Accelerated Life Chamber
5. Everfine - Ring Wave generator
6. Everfine - ESD Generator

7. Everfine - LED driver Tester
8. Everfine - Surge Generator
9. Everfine - Interrupts & Dips generator
10. Everfine – DC power supply
11. Everfine – Magnetic field generator
12. Everfine – Digital power meter

Two meter integrating sphere with Control Panel

Gonio Photometer

Aging Chamber with Control Panel

LED Driver Testing & Validation Equipment